From March 16- 20, 2020, spilled milk social club will host a week-long camp during AISD’s Spring Break. In order to sign your child up, please read everything below, and then email directors with your child’s information.

  • Enrollment opens on January 15th, 2020 and will remain open until we have reached capacity. Email info@spilledmilksocialclub.com with your child’s name, DOB and current grade in school. We’ll respond within 24 hours, confirming your child’s spot.

  • Signing up for the entire week is required. There is a very high demand during Spring Break for full-time care, and we also count on consistent enrollment in order to make everything run smoothly. That said…

  • If you are interested in only signing your child up for certain days during Spring Break, email us to get more information about the possibility of this. (If another family reaches out, wanting to enroll for an opposing schedule to your requested days, we’ll make it work.)

  • COST for families currently enrolled in the after-school program: $225 per child

  • COST for families NOT currently enrolled in the after-school program: $325 per child

  • The cost of camp covers all-day care for the entire week and a field trip EVERY DAY!

  • During Spring Break (like summer camp,) kids are divided into two age groups: Pints (Kindergarten and 1st grade) and Gallons (2nd grade and up). Each age group has its own classroom, schedule and field trip.

  • A week in advance, we’ll email you a detailed field trip/activity schedule for your child’s age group. It’s very important that you read it thoroughly, as it will help you prepare for what time to arrive each day, what to bring, etc.

  • During camp, we open at 7:30a. Drop your child off any time before their scheduled field trip departure time. Pick up any time before 6:00p.

  • Parents are asked to provide enough food for the entire day (lunch and plenty of snacks, all nut-free)

  • We’ll email you a bill for the week by March 1st, and payment will be due at that time. You may mail or bring by a check, or you can make a payment through this site. You’re welcome to pay in advance of receiving your bill, if you wish.

  • The deadline to cancel your child’s enrollment is March 2nd. There will be no refunds or cancelations for withdrawals within two weeks of camp. We need this time to ensure that we have enough staff scheduled and have made sufficient field trip plans for every day. We appreciate your adherence to this policy.

To sign up and/or get more information, email us! info@spilledmilksocialclub.com